Sunday, February 11, 2007

A good day to be Shane Lechler

When Raiders punter Shane Lechler woke up on Saturday morning, it was understandable for him to still be miffed at his Pro Bowl snubbing. Lechler was the topped ranked punter in the AFC, trailing only Mat McBriar for the title of league’s best. Lechler was passed over for the NFL’s All-Star game in favor of Brian Moorman from Buffalo.

By the end of Saturday’s contest, Lechler was probably thinking that enjoying the game from the comfort of his home in Texas turned out to be the better scenario. It certainly wasn’t the kind of day you dream about for Moorman.

The Bills punter didn’t get a chance to meet all of the NFC squad before the game, so Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor went out of his way to make his acquaintance on a foolish fake punt attempt. Moorman swept around the right side, only to be leveled by Taylor. The safety had about a 30 yard running start before knocking Moorman back to last Thursday.

Leave it Bill Belichick to call a play like that…with SOMEONE ELSE’S PUNTER! Mr. Sunshine was probably thinking back to Moorman’s 40 yard average in the Patriot's week 1 matchup with Buffalo, telling himself, “never again!” (Mr. Sunshine apparently doesn’t say more than two words at a time these days).

Lechler went to bed on Saturday with his head still firmly attached to his neck. We’re not so sure if Moorman can say the same thing.

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