Sunday, March 25, 2007

QBs 'R Us

The Raiders appear to be poised to go on a quarterback stockpile binge. Everyone knows about the JaMarcus Russell / Brady Quinn decision looming with the upcoming NFL Draft, but the Raiders also keep coming up in free agent signing rumors.

David Carr, the former Houston Texans and Fresno State Bulldogs QB hit the open market last week after the Texans decided to acquire Matt Schaub from the Atlanta Falcons. Carr's name immediately becomes synonymous with the Raiders, who are in the uncomfortable position of being without a clear #1 at the position.

Carr, faltered in Houston, where the absence of an offensive line made it difficult for him to be successful. The Raiders are in a similar situation and desperately need to rebuild their line in order to start any serious talk about having a quality offense. What Carr has proven, is that he is ineffective when faced with constant pressure. The Texans allowed an average of 3.4 sacks per game during Carr’s tenure.

With the Raiders line in such disarray, it’s impractical to call Carr anything more than a stopgap solution until one of their younger quarterbacks develops (assuming they draft Russell or Quinn).

Andrew Walter is also someone the Raiders need to decide what to do with. Walter is still a work in progress. Giving up on him would be a mistake, although the Raiders need to decide what to do with him should they take one of the two QBs that are sure to go in the top 10 in this year’s draft.

Keeping Walter and bypassing Russell or Quinn would be a mistake, which means that you either have to make him a backup lifer, or you move him. The Raiders should take the San Diego Chargers approach to a similar problem they had three season ago, when they acquired Philip Rivers and still had Drew Brees.

The Raiders should commit the position to Walter next season. Place his destiny in his own hands by making him the starter in 2007. The Raiders don’t cast rookies into the heat of the fire anyway, so Russell or Quinn will sit next season anyway.

What the Raiders shouldn’t do is pass on the QBs in the draft and proceed with Walter as their committed #1 without a viable option down the road. A Carr and Walter battle doesn’t sound like the best answer, but who knows what the Raiders will do. Calvin Johnson is widely regarded as the best available player in the draft, and the Raiders could need another receiver should they move Randy Moss.

Interestingly, the Texans supposedly were forced to up the ante on Schaub, because the Raiders expressed interest in the former Falcons backup.

Oakland made a peculiar move on Wednesday by signing former Seattle Seahawks QB Josh Booty. The LSU star (and NFL bust) has been out of football since 2003, but the Raiders have him under contract. Unless they intend on using him for sack drill fodder for the defense, the signing makes you scratch your head.

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Anonymous scorpio said...

Eye patch, although i disagree with drafting russell i can live with this post of yours, simply because you are willing to give walter his fair shake.

so yes. start walter first with a coaching staff that has a clue, rebuild the line and let's see what he can do.

March 26, 2007 at 9:14 AM  

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