Sunday, December 2, 2007

Live Blogging Game 12

Welcome to The Eye Patch's live in-game blogging of the Raiders 12th game of the season vs the Denver Broncos.

• Game Balls: Josh McCown (14/21, 141 yards, 3 TDs), Justin Fargas (33 attempts, 146 yards, 1 TD), Raiders Defensive Fron 4 (29 rushing attempts, 86 yards rushing allowed).

• (END of REGULATION) OAK 34 - DEN 20 And there you have it. 2nd win in a row. 2nd win in a row vs AFC West opponents. Unbelievable performance against a pretty decent Broncos team.

• (2 Minute Warning) We get 2 minutes to savor this one. The Black Hole starts the taunts. Where is Shannon Sharp? Bet he's not flapping his gums right now.

• (Q4 2:20) Stokely out of bounds killing the Broncos drive on 4th down. Raiders ball.

• (Q4 3:04) Put a form in em! Fargas goes for 5 with the monster block from Oren O'Neill for the TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS! Huge game for Fargas today. huge game for the Raiders offensive line today. Man alive! OAK 34 - DEN 20

• (Q4 3:08) Timeout Broncos. Shenannigan paces the sideline nervously. Hopefully he pays for this season with his job.

• (Q4 3:48) Ha! Kiffin waits a play for the bootleg, rolls left and get teh 1st down. 1st and goal on teh 5.

• (Q4 4:45) Fargas is stopped on 2nd down. I would have liked to see Kiffin call play action and go to the end zone on that play. Broncos loading up the box.

• (Q4 5:31) Holy Toledo what an effort by Griffith to convert the 3rd down after slipping three tackles. 13 yards on 3rd & 11. McCown calls timeout as the play clock winds down.

• (Q4 6:48) Fargas goes around the left end for the first down byt Robert Gallery gets flagged for holding.

• (Q4 7:14) Fargas goes 9 to bring up a 3rd and short.

• (Q4 7:29) McCown can't convert on the 3rd down, but the Broncos are flagged for illegal contact. 1st down Raiders! Nice to see someone else shooting themselves in the foot for once...even better that it's the Broncos.

• (Q4 7:50) Raiders now go to work on the clock. More points would make the clock meaningless.

• (Q4 8:48) Offcials taking forever to figure out if the play stands. Finally after 5 minutes, the play is ruled as stands. Raiders ball on the Broncos 43.

• (Q4 8:48) Fabian Washington with the MONSTER pick. Oh man what a nice catch. Shenannigan throws the red flag, challenging the play.

• (Q4 8:59) McCown ends the drive with a dying quail that falls short on a screen play. Fargas had nothing but green in front of him if he makes that catch. Janikowski barely slips in teh 44 yard field goal to push the Raiders lead to 7. OAK 27 - DEN 20

• (Q4 10:35) McCown threads a needle with a 26 yard plass play to Miller. Miller follows that up with a 19 yard catch.

• (Q4 11:21) Travis Henry waltzes in to the end zone, capitalizing on the McCown fumble. Henry was untouched on the 3-yard run. OAK 24 - DEN 20

• (Q4 11:46) Raiders holding the Broncos to 74 yards rushing thus far.

• (Q4 12:54) Michael Huff blows up Henry on a screen misdirection. 3rd down and long for Denver. Cutler then converts it with another bullet. Raiders need to keep Denver out of the end zone.

• (End of Q3) OAK 24 - DEN 13 Raiders letting the Broncos back into this game with careless mistakes. First Janikowski's miss, then the big pass play to Stokely, followed by the McCown fumble.

• (Q3 :02) Oh no! McCown fumbles the snap and DJ Williams recovers on the Raiders 35 yqard line. First turnover by Oakland today.

• (Q3 1:37) Jay Richardson sacks Cutler on a big 3rd down play to stop the Broncos drive. Even when the Broncos begin to pick up some momentum , the Raiders shut them down. Elam converts the 44 yard field goal, but that wqas a big stop. OAK 24 - DEN 13

• (Q3 3:23) Cutler drills Stokely with a 33 yard bullet. Cutler follows that up with another long pass to tight end Tony Scheffler. Broncos turn two plays into 50 yards, now sitting on the Raiders 20 yard line.

• (Q3 4:40) Raiders botch the shovel pass, but McCown runs for 9 before getting popped. Janikowski MISSES the 35 yard field goal.

• (Q3 6:36) Fargas coughs up the ball, but the Raiders recover. Fargas makes up for it by filling a 10 foot hole then scampering 29 yards to the Broncos 25 yard line.

• (Q3 7:25) Even special teams is getting it done. Carr brings back the kick return 38 yards.

• (Q3 7:25) Culter gets flattened by Clemmons on 3rd down. Conversion fails. Jason Elam punches home the easy 29-yarder to cut the Raiders lead to 14 points. OAK 24 - DEN 10

• (Q3 10:02) Brandon Stokely slips past the Raiders secondary and goes for 58 yards on the play. If Cutler doesn't throw that ball short, Stokely goes for 6 easily.

• (Q3 11:04) McCown drifts left, waits, throws, then gets blasted by Ian Gold. Oh, and the pass lands in Porter's arms in the back of the end zone for a TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS! Gutsy play by McCown to stay with the play as long as he did. OAK 24 - DEN 7

• (Q3 11:40) Henry coughs up the ball on a strange inside misdirection play. Chris Clemons recovers the ball.

• (Q3 12:45) Jerry Porter makes a circus catch with the left hand, but th eRiaders drive stalls. Janikowski converts the 38-yard field goal to push the Raiders lead to 10 points. OAK 17 - DEN 7

• (Q3 14:12) Thomas Howard openes the 3rd quarter with a big INT deep in Raiders territory.

• (HALFTIME) OAK 14 - DEN 7 One of the best openeing halfs of the season for the Raiders. Fargas 84 yards on 17 carries. McCown with a 128.9 QB rating. Broncos had 41 yards of offense on the 4 drives following their openeing TD drive.

• (Q2 :50) Hey look what play action buys you! McCown with the bootleg right to Zach Miller for the TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS! The rookie tight end pays some dividends with thise big mitts. Leads all rookie TE's with 28 catches on teh season. OAK 14 - DEN 7

• (Q2 :56) Justin Griffith with the catch, then makes three Broncos pay! Time out Oakland.

• (Q2 2:00) 2 Minute Warning. Raiders have a decent shot at going into halftime with the lead. Let's see what McCown can do.

• (Q2 2:58) McCown back in at QB. Good call by Kiffin. Bring the kid up to speed slowly. McCown with the 1st down conversion on a nice pass to Jerry Porter.

• (Q2 3:07) Henry coughs it up on the Broncos 35 yard line. Raider ball! Tyler Brayton with the recovery. Robert Thomas with the huge strip.

• (Q2 4:13) Kiffin elects to go for it on 4th down & 1 and the Broncos defense stuffs Fargas. Janikowski's injury most likely helped with that decision. WOuld have preferred to see somre more creativity in the play calling. Run left is about as predictable as it gets.

• (Q2 5:03) Russell shows some decent mobility in the pocket, sidestepping a defender then running for 4 yards.

• (Q2 6:40) Big Russ shows off that ar with a bullet that hits Ronald Curry after Champ Bailey slips.

• (Q2 7:00) Raiders running game starting to establish itself. Fargas has 71 yards on 12 carries thus far.

• (Q2 8:14) Raiders defense holds for the second straight series. Could it be the day the D returns? Dwight with the decent return, puts the ball on the 30.

• (Q2 9:56) Sebastien Janikowski's 58-yard field goal attempt is a line drive that falls short. Janikowski looks like he's hurt on the play, hobbling over to the sideline.

• (Q2 10:13) Russell's first drive dies on a bad snap that floats outside his grasp. The kid looks poised.

• (Q2 12:35) Nice call by Kiffin with the screen play call. Russell floats the pass over the right end to Fargas who goes for 13 yards and a 1st down. Fargas follows that up with a 19 more.

• (Q2 13:41) The Jamarcus Russell in Oakland begins. The big guy boot-legs right then hits Jerry Porter with a 16 yard bullet to the right sideline.

• (Q2 13:59) Raiders stop DEnver's drive, but Dwight almost costs the Silver & Black by coughing up the punt on his own 18 yard line.

• (Q2 14:54) McCown has all day, but can't find a receiver. Drive stalls. Now we get to see if this defense is going to help win a game this season.

• (END of Q1) OAK 7 - DEN 7 Nice to see the Raiders capitalize on Denver's big mistake, but the defense has got to show up at least once this season.

• (Q1 :51) Travis Henry right up the gut for 4 yards a nd a touchdown. Incredible how bad the defense is. OAK 7 - DEN 7

• (Q1 4:16) Selvin Young with three straight carries for a combined 24 yards. Raiders horrendous tackling still killing this team.

• (Q1 6:47) Damn! Raiders fail to bring down Brandon Marshall who goes for 32 yards and converts on 3rd down. Raiders had the Broncos stopped.

• (Q1 8:13) What a catch by Tim Dwight in the left corner for the TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS! Pass interference on Denver is declined. Man, what a nice toss by McCown. OAK 7 - DAN 0

• (Q1 11:14) Another nice run by Fargas. 7 yards for the 3rd down conversion.

• (Q1 12:42) Thank you Cecil Sapp. The Bronco runs into Shane Lechler, and the Raiders get the ball back with the penalty. 1st down at midfield.

• (Q1 12:49) Risky pass by McCown into coverage. Drive stalls.

• (Q1 14:43) Justin Fargas picks up where he left off. Busts the 17 yard run for a 1st down.

• (Q1 15:00) Raiders win the toss elect to receive. Chris Carr takes th touchback.

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