Friday, February 6, 2009

Is Justin Fargas' Career Up In Smoke?

On the day we should be plotting (and analyzing) the next course of the good ship Silver & Black on account of the hiring of Tom Cable as head coach, we are forced to interrupt this regular program to bring word of more head scratching news out of Alameda.

A video posted at shows a rapper who allegedly goes by the moniker “Yukmouth”, spends an evening at Raiders running back Justin Fargas’ house rhyming about the ganja. The rapper is seen with a box full of cash and bags of what appear to be the marijuana.

Fargas is never seen holding either the cash or the herb, but he is featured in the video, while Yukmouth goes on a profanity-spree throughout the video.

You have to wonder what Fargas was thinking? The only thing missing was Snoop Dog, playing Huggy Bear in the musical rendition of Up In Smoke meets Starsky & Hutch.

On the day that Olympic demi-god Michael Phelps lost his endorsement deal with Kellogg’s, you’d think pro football players would stear clear of promotional videos touting themselves and illegal drugs.


More to come on the Cable hiring later this week…just as soon as I finish up my home movie on free basing.